29th International Medical Exhibition PUBLIC HEALTH`2020
7-9 October 2020 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC

Exhibitor List 2019

Company Sphere of activity Country Website
Biosphere professional products for cleaning, hygiene and kitchen Ukraine www.pro-service.com.ua
CARDIO pharmaceutical products; medical equipment Ukraine www.cardiomc.com.ua
CED   Hungary https://www.ced.hu/en
DX systems medical computer equipment Ukraine www.dx-systems.com
ESAOTE medical equipment Ukraine www.esaote.com
EXIMLAB laboratory and medical equipment Ukraine www.eximlab.ua
HLR laboratory and medical equipment Ukraine www.hlr.ua
OMRON medical equipment OMRON Ukraine www.ims.com.ua
RH ultrasonic equipment Ukraine www.rh.ua
SHREK Endoscopy medical endoscopic equipment Ukraine www.medtech.ucoz.ua
TG Health medical equipment Ukraine www.tghealth.com.ua
TREDEX company medical equipment Ukraine www.tredex-company.com
UMDC medical equipment Ukraine www.umdc.ua
Patient Care Agency medical products Ukraine www.heliosvivus.ua
Atma professional cleaning equipment Ukraine www.atma.ua; www.tischapapier.com
Biomed LTD medical equipment Ukraine www.biomed.ua
Your Health Trading physiotherapy and rehabilitation Ukraine www.vztrading.com.ua
WESTMED complex equipment for the design of medical institutions; medical equipment Ukraine www.profimed-service.com.ua
Vivon medical products Ukraine www.artem.ua 
Viola Medical Technology медична техніка Ukraine www.viola.net.ua
Geosantris medical equipment Ukraine www.geosantris.com.ua
Golnit medical products Ukraine www.golnit.ua
Green Way Ukraine pharmaceutical products Ukraine www. fito-butik.com
Daily-Trade medical equipment Ukraine www.dailytrade.ua
Deca Laser UA medical equipment Ukraine www.dekalaser.kiev.ua
Exim groups medical equipment Ukraine www.ultrasound-probe.com 
Ergocom medical products Ukraine www.ergocom.ua
Zavet manufacturer of medical furniture and medical equipment Ukraine www.zavet.kiev.ua
Zdravo medicines and medical equipment Ukraine www.zdravo.in.ua
ІМЕSК medical equipment Ukraine www.imesc.com; www.ecgpro.ua
Lifemedics pharmaceutical products; medical equipment Ukraine www.lifemedica.com.ua
Ledum laboratory and medical equipment Ukraine ledum.com.ua
Med Exim medical equipment Ukraine www. medexim.ua
Medicom-Ukraine disposable products Ukraine www.medicom-ua.com
Medin 2011 medical instruments Ukraine www.медин2011.com.ua
Medgarant medical equipment Ukraine medgarant.net.ua
Medstar Solutions IT medicine, software Ukraine www.medstar.ua
Medtechsnab medical equipment, instruments and consumables for surgery Ukraine www.medtechsnab.com
Miz-ma medical equipment Ukraine www.mizma.od.ua 
Mida medical equipment and consumables Ukraine www.mida.kiev.ua
Midas Gold surgical instruments Ukraine www.midasgold.webnode.com.ua
Modem 1 medical equipment Ukraine www.modem1.com.ua
NMT medical equipment Ukraine www.techgroup.com.ua  
Odetex disposable products Ukraine www.softex.ua
Onico medical equipment, consumables for X-ray examinations, means of protection against ionizing radiation, as well as training mannequins and simulators Ukraine www.oniko.ua
Orthomed orthopedic shoes Ukraine  
Promed Ukraine medical instruments Ukraine www.surgiwelomed.ua 
Protek Solutions Ukraine medical equipment, furniture and consumables Ukraine www.protech-solutions.com.ua
Protek Solutions Plus medical furniture and consumables Ukraine www.protech-solutions.com.ua
Ravita Ukraine equipment for the ophthalmologist's office and optical workshop Ukraine www.ravita.ua
Saraya Ukraine medical products; disinfection Ukraine www.saraya.com.ua
Scanner medical equipment та оптичні прилади Ukraine www.scaner.ua
Unioslab IT medicine, software Ukraine www.unionba.com.ua
T.V.K. Group medical products Ukraine www.doctor-pirogov.com 
Toros Group orthopedic products; medical products Ukraine www.torosgroup.com.ua
Ukrmedspektr medical diagnostic equipment Ukraine www.ukrmedspectr.com.ua
Photonica Plus laser medical surgical and therapeutic drugs Ukraine www.fotonikaplus.com.ua
Ukrtelemed medical equipment and medical products Ukraine https://ukrtelemed.com/
Selkom medical products Ukraine https://chudesnik.com.ua/
Queisser Pharma Ukraine medical products Ukraine www.queisser.ua
Unomed medical equipment; medical products Ukraine http://unomed.kiev.ua/
Ultrasign ultrasonic diagnostic equipment Ukraine ultrasign.com.ua
Miss MidCenter +   Ukraine  
МТІ medical equipment Ukraine https://mti.ua/
Olvi orthopedic products and shoes Ukraine https://olvi.ua/
Urorgsynthesis medical and laboratory equipment Ukraine https://ru.uoslab.com/
Madissa-K medical products Ukraine https://www.medissa.com.ua
Medapparatura medical equipment та техніка Ukraine http://medaparat.com.ua
Mukos Pharma CZ S.R.O. medicines Ukraine www.mucos.com.ua, www.wobenzym.com.ua  
Starlab laboratory equipment and medical products Ukraine https://starlab.kiev.ua/
Poltava medical equipment medical equipment; medical products Ukraine https://medobl.com/
Alamed medical equipment Ukraine https://alamed-kiev.com.ua/
SHILLER empiricism medical equipment Ukraine www.empiricahealthcare.com
Dr. Eleks IT medicine, software Ukraine https://portal-doctor.eleks.com/
Forzamed medical equipment Ukraine https://forzamed.net/