30th International Medical Exhibition PUBLIC HEALTH`2021

6-8 October 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC

Exhibitor List 2021

Company Sphere of activity Country Website
Alma UA orthopedic products Ukraine
ALVI PRAGUE equipment for clinics Ukraine
Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech Co., Ltd  medical equipment China
Antis-orto orthopedic products, prostheses Ukraine
Aphrodite new technologies for medical, hardware cosmetology Ukraine
Ascent Meditech Ltd Orthopedic Appliances, Bandages, Tapes, Exercise Athletic Equipment  India  
Atma professional cleaning equipment Ukraine
ATON medical furniture Ukraine
Aurafix Ukraine medical products Ukraine
Biosphere Professional professional products for cleaning, hygiene and kitchen Ukraine
Blagosvit medical devices Ukraine
Blizar production of radiological, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment Ukraine
CODACO Electronic s.r.o. communication systems for health care Czech Republic
Daily-Trade medical equipment  Ukraine
Deca Laser UA medical equipment Ukraine
DentAum medical instruments; sterilization and disinfection Ukraine
Devisan presentation of complex solutions in the field of cleanliness and hygiene; presentation of garbage sorting system Ukraine
Dr. Eleks IT medicine, software Ukraine
Eastern Europe OSD medical equipment Ukraine
ElectroMedSystems surgical equipment Ukraine 
ERSAMED SUPPORT LINE medical and orthopedic products Ukraine
ESAOTE medical equipment Ukraine
Estetico medical equipment , equipment for cosmetology Ukraine 
ETNA medical equipment; medical products Ukraine
EXIM medical equipment Ukraine 
Footberg surgical suture products Belarus
Fortis Medical medical equipment  Ukraine
Forzamed medical equipment Ukraine
Fotonoka plus medical, laser, surgical and therapeutic equipment Ukraine
OROMED medical products Ukraine 
Golnit medical products Ukraine
Greenpax sanitary and hygienic products Ukraine
Harwind medical equipment  Ukraine
HELIOS VIVUS TM medical products Ukraine
Horster Biotek Limited bulk drugs India  
IMESK medical equipment Ukraine ;
International Medical Equipment (TM Omron) medical equipment OMRON Ukraine
Kievguma medical equipment Ukraine
KSENKO medical equipment  Ukraine
KVANT medical equipment  Ukraine
Lifemedics pharmaceutical products; medical equipment Ukraine
Med Exim medical equipment Ukraine
Med Technology medical and orthopedic products Ukraine 
Medapparatura medical equipment та техніка Ukraine
Medcapitalgroup IT medicine, software Ukraine 
Medical Facility Management Medical cleaning and comprehensive service of medical institutions Ukraine/ Poland
Medicom-Ukraine disposable products Ukraine
Mediline rehabilitation equipment Ukraine
Medin 2011 medical instruments Ukraine
Medrehab medical equipment Ukraine
Medservicegroup medical equipment and appliances Ukraine
Medstar IT medicine, software Ukraine
Med-technika medical equipment Ukraine
Medtechsnab medical equipment, instruments and consumables for surgery Ukraine
Mida medical equipment and consumables Ukraine
Midas Gold surgical instruments Ukraine
Miz-ma medical equipment Ukraine 
MODEM 1 medical equipment  Ukraine
MoniHeal medical services Ukraine
Mriya-Medical medical equipment  Ukraine
Mukos Pharma CZ S.R.O. medical products Ukraine
Nata Group medical equipment, sanitary and hygienic products Ukraine
Nikator medical equipment Ukraine
Nikmed rehabilitation equipment, canes Ukraine
NMT IT medicine, software Ukraine
Novator electronic equipment Ukraine
Obrij-Medtehnika medical equipment  Ukraine
Omega  medical equipment and furniture Ukraine
Oniko surgical equipment Ukraine
Optima-trejding medical equipment for sterilization Ukraine
Orthomed orthopedic products Ukraine 
Ortotehno means for rehabilitation Ukraine
Panmed medical equipment and furniture Ukraine
Paramedyk pharmaceutical products Ukraine
Point of view medical equipment Ukraine
Poltava medical equipment medical equipment; medical products Ukraine
Poltava plant of medical equipment and instruments medical equipment and instruments Ukraine
Profimed-service medical and technological equipment Ukraine
ProSpon spol. s r.o. Instruments and implants for orthopedics, traumatology, surgery and machine building Czech Republic
Protek Solutions Plus medical furniture та витратні матеріали Ukraine
Protek Solutions Ukraine medical equipment, furniture and consumables Ukraine
PURUS PRO s.r.o. clean rooms Czech Republic
Ravita Ukraine equipment for the ophthalmologist's office and optical workshop Ukraine
Renessans Medical medical equipment and furniture; surgical instruments; sterilization and disinfection Ukraine
RH ultrasound equipment Ukraine
Roesys MedTec GmbH  X-ray equipment  Germany
Saraya cosmetic products Ukraine
Scanner medical equipment and optical devices Ukraine
SHREK Endoscopy medical endoscopic equipment Ukraine
Sonoscape medical equipment  Ukraine
Teleoptics production of radiological, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment Ukraine
TG Health medical equipment Ukraine
TG Health medical equipment  Ukraine
Ultrasign ultrasonic diagnostic equipment Ukraine
UMDC medical equipment  Ukraine
Unioslab IT medicine, software Ukraine
Unomed medical equipment; medical products Ukraine
Veneto medical furniture; orthopedic goods Ukraine
Viola Medical Technology medical equipment Ukraine
Vivon medical products Ukraine 
Vogt Medical Vertrieb GmbH.  medical products, medical disposables   Ukraine 
WESTMED complex equipment for the design of medical institutions; medical equipment Ukraine
Your Health Trading physiotherapy and rehabilitation Ukraine
Zavet medical furniture та medical equipment Ukraine
Zdravo pharmaceutical products and medical equipment Ukraine
ZPT VIGANTICE spol. s r.o. communication and multimedia systems Czech Republic

Company Sphere of activity Country Website
Alex Diagnostics laboratory equipment, cosmetics Ukraine
ALT Ukraine laboratory equipment Ukraine 
BCM Ukraine medical and laboratory equipment Ukraine
Bio Test Med medical and laboratory equipment Ukraine
Biola laboratory, analytical equipment, consumables Ukraine 
Bio-roshe laboratory equipment Ukraine
Diagen reagents  and test systems Ukraine 
Dialog Diagnostics laboratory equipment Ukraine
Dna-technology laboratory equipment and consumables, reagents Ukraine
Exdia reagents  and test systems Ukraine
Grupotest reagents  and test systems Ukraine
HLR laboratory, analytical equipment, consumables Ukraine
Integrated Medical Group laboratory equipment Ukraine
Intermedica-Ukraine laboratory equipment and consumables, reagents Ukraine
Labix laboratory equipment and consumables, reagents Ukraine
Ledum laboratory equipment Ukraine
Lightgene laboratory equipment for PCR research Ukraine
MIRS Corporation  laboratory equipment and consumables Ukraine
Novamedline reagents  and test systems Ukraine  
Probiovet laboratory equipment Ukraine
Provimed laboratory equipment and consumables, reagents Ukraine
RedMedUa laboratory instruments and instruments Ukraine
Shimadzu laboratory, analytical equipment Ukraine,
Simesta laboratory equipment Ukraine 
Sky Medica medical and laboratory equipment, test systems Ukraine
Starlab laboratory consumables Ukraine
Terra-Med laboratory equipment and consumables, reagents Ukraine
Ukrbiolab laboratory equipment Ukraine
Ukrorgsyntez laboratory, analytical equipment Ukraine
Vega Medica laboratory equipment and consumables, reagents Ukraine
XEMA laboratory equipment Ukraine

Інформаційна підтримка
DoctorGEO, журнал
Акушерство. Гінекологія. Генетика., журнал
Біль. Суглоби. Хребет, журнал
Ваше Здоров'я
Гастроентерологія, журнал
Довідник головної медичної сестри, журнал
Ендокринологія, журнал
Медицина Невідкладних Станів, Журнал
Журнал неврології  ім. Б.М. Маньковського
Здоров'я дитини, журнал
Здоров'я та краса, журнал
Здоров'я України XXI сторіччя, медична газета
Медичний ринок, додаток
Міжнародний ендокринологічний журнал
Міжнародний неврологічний журнал
Новини медицини і фармації, журнал
Перинатологія та педіатрія, журнал
Практикуючий лікар, журнал
Практична онкологія, журнал
Путешественник, журнал
Радиологічний вістник, журнал
Сучасна педіатрія, журнал 
Сучасна фармація журнал
Український Медичний Часопис, журнал
Управління закладом охорони здоров’я, журнал
Хірургія дитячого віку, журнал
Щотижневик «АПТЕКА», газета