27th International Medical Exhibition PUBLIC HEALTH`2018
2 – 4 October 2018 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC

Scientific and practical program of the exhibition 2016

October 4

Research and practical seminar for representatives of city administration bodies

All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization «Club of Mayors»

Audience: PM physicians, exercise physiologists, recreation therapists

Conference hall No. 15, 70 participants


October 4

"Rehabilitation School" 

Organizers: Ukrainian Academy of Rehabilitation and Human Health, Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Neurology and Rehabilitation, Healthcare Department of Kyiv City State Administration 

Audience: PM physicians, exercise physiologists, recreation therapists

Conference hall No. 16, 70 participants


Research and practical seminar “Modern Technologies and Trends in Ophthalmology» 

Organizers: National Medical University of Ukraine named after O.O. Bogomolets,  All-Ukrainian Ophthalmologists’ Alliance, Kyiv Society of Ophthalmologists

Audience: ophthalmologists

Conference hall No. 11, 200 participants


Research and practical conference "Stopping the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases”

Organizer: National Cardiac Surgery Institute named after M.M. Amosov  

Audience: cardiologists, therapeutists, primary care physicians

Conference hall No. 9, 80  participants


Conference “Diagnosis and Treatment of Bronchoobstructive Diseases”

Organizers: Mida Ltd., Italian company MIR-Medical International Research, with participation of research workers of National Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmonology named after F.G. Yanovsky, National Medical University of Ukraine named after O.O. Bogomolets, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupyk.

Audience: pulmonologists, primary care physicians, therapeutists.

Conference hall No. 16, 70 participants


IV International Congress of Medical Tourism  

Organizer:  Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT)

  • Presentations of various countries and clinics as medical tourism directions;
  • Innovations in medicine on real examples;
  • International experience exchange;
  • Plenary discussion

Target audience: medical tourism operators; travel agents and companies operating in the sphere of medical and wellness tourism; physicians of all medical specializations; managers of hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Conference hall No. 13, 120 participants

October 5

Seminar on medical tourism

Organizer:  Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT)

Section I – Presentation of countries and directions of medical tourism. Plenary discussion. 

Section II – «Innovations in medicine in various countries. International experience exchange». Plenary discussion. Analysis of real cases.

Audience: medical tourism associations and clusters of various countries; medical tourism operators; touristic agents and providers of medical and wellness tourism services; physicians of all medical specializations; medical centers and clinics, rehabilitation centers.

Conference hall No. 9, 80 participants


October 4-6

Workshops on first medical aid

Organizer: Special Aid Centre

  • Basic life support algorithm in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Special reanimation measures
  • External automatic and manual defibrillation
  • Securing the patency of respiratory tract and mechanical lungs ventilation with AMBU bag
  • External bleeding control with the help of tight tamponage and bundling
  • Using the immobilization equipment in cases of spine injuries

Audience: physicians of all medical specializations

Workshop area


October 4-6

NEW! DIGITAL MED — technological innovations demonstration ground 

Organizers: MEDBLOG, Ukrainian Association of IT Development in Medicine.

  • Visualization and 3D-printing in medical practice
  • Electronic healthcare in Ukraine. Sources and data analysis in medicine
  • Personalized medicine. Modern technologies for patients and doctors

Audience: managers of medical establishments.

Conference hall No. 17, 130 participants


October 4-6

NEW! Medical Outsourcing Days – conference for managers of medical establishments. The program includes experts’ speeches and communication ground for companies presenting:

  • Legal services
  • Consulting and training services
  • Marketing services
  • Laboratory services
  • Organization of tenders

Organizers: Healthcare Studios, Prozorro    

Audience: managers and owners of medical establishments, Head physicians

Conference hall No. 17, 130 participants

For more information please contact www.studii.kiev.ua


October 4-6

International Сross-disciplinary Congress (Kiev Evidence Week) is a unique event in Ukraine, the innovation congress for 15 medical specializations simultaneously: cardiology; pulmonology; obstetrics and gynecology; pediatrics and neonatology; genetics; endocrinology; infectology and antibiotic therapy; neurology and psychiatry; gastroenterology; rheumatology and immunology.

120  speakers from 15 countries are expected to participate in the Congress.

70  hours of lectures and workshops, over 3000 delegates.

Organizer: Ukrainian Medical Association 



Diagnostics and treatment of acute cardiac insufficiency. Precise analysis of the latest clinical recommendations from  European Cardiology Association 

  • Cardiac insufficiency: what’s new?
  • Basic recommendations of ESC 2016
  • The prospects of cardiac insufficiency treatment: instrumental therapy, genetics, stem cells
  • Analysis of clinical cases

Target audience:  cardiologists, therapeutists, family therapists

Conference hall No. 15,  70 participants


Pediatrics and neonatology

Observation of preterm infants after being discharged from specialized hospitals

  • Common enzymopathies in children
  • Peculiarities of  immunological prophylaxis and cardiovascular defects in children
  • Peculiarities of  nutritional status feeding of infants
  • Deficiency diseases in children

Target audience: pediatricians, neonatologists, children’s gastroenterologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists. 

Conference hall No. 15, 70 participants



Novelties in hepatology. Modern vision of diseases related to intolerance to grains.

  • Interferon-free therapy of hepatitis C
  • Modern standards of celiac disease diagnostics
  • Modern endoscopic opportunities
  • Intolerance to grains
  • Gluten-sensitive pathology in children

Target audience:  family therapists,  therapeutists,  gastroenterologists, dietologists, pediatricians, genetic scientists, hepatologists

Conference hall No. 14, 300 participants


Infectology and antibiotic therapy 

Herpesvirus infections as a cross-disciplinary problem

  • Prevalence of the pathology in children and adults
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (Epstein-Barr virus and human herpes virus type 6)
  • Modern diagnostics and approaches to treatment
  • TORCH-infections in pregnant women and newborn infants

Target audience:  infectiologists, pediatricians, neurologists, ophthalmologists, urologists.

Conference hall No. 8, 200 participants



Current issues and evidentiary medicine in ophthalmology

  • vitreous and retina pathologies
  • refractive pathology of eyes
  • onco-ophthalmology
  • anterior chamber of the eye pathology

Audience:  ophthalmologists, internship doctors, students of  5-6 year

Conference hall No. 8, 200 participants



Genetics in personalized medicine

  • Cellular technologies
  • Genetic testing
  • Molecular genetics and sports
  • Genetics and excess weight

Audience: therapeutists, personalized medicine specialists, laboratory workers

Conference hall No. 8, 200 participants


Obstetrics and gynecology

Current issues of perinatal medicine

  • Premature birth
  • Correction of psycho-emotional disorders
  • Prevention of hemostatic disorders
  • Operative therapy of septic diseases
  • Premature rupture of the foetal membrane in cases of extremely preterm pregnancy

Audience:  obstetricians-gynaecologists, family therapists, pediatricians. 

Conference hall No. 8, 200 participants



What are the reasons of blood-stroke epidemic slowing? Prevention and emergency aid in cases of cerebrovascular diseases of central nervous system.

Audience: neurologists, cardiologists, therapeutists, family therapists.

Conference hall No. 14, 300 participants



Endocrine aspects of sleeping and vigor disorders; orbitopathy; primary hyperparathyroidism; osteoporosis; diabetes in pregnant women.

Audience: endocrinologists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, therapeutists.

Conference hall No. 8, 200 participants